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testbank-oud This is the monitor screen from the testbenche computer (a same monitor is placed above the testbenche itself) during the testing all-important information can be reed directly. We are of course interested in such items as: revving, Bhp on the rear wheel, the engine Bhp and of course the torque of the engine.
It is possible to fill in all these dates comparing to your own wishes, as the device covers 10 several baffles.
testbank-KX85 After we have remounted the engine back in his frame, we place the whole bike on the SuperFlow CycleDine testbenche, in order to go true a complete range of measuring. After the engine is correct adjusted by use of jetting and setting of the ignition, we are ready again to measure the power. Very important for a motocross-engine is that we find the best torque comparing to the Bhp. Of course we bear that already into our account during the modifying.
int16 Here we are optimising a CBR900rr with a Factory carburettor kit and air filters, which we adjust entirely on our SuperFlow CycleDine test bank. More power, and however generally more economical in use.
int18 Honda CR 125 of one of the leading Dutch Schoolboy riders on the test bank after the necessary acquired modifications.
Watch the extra tube on the left side of the engine; this is a connection tube to the ventilator.
int21 A Yamaha R6 on our CycleDine testbench after a seat pipe set from BOS EXHAUST is fitted and the engine has to be reset a fine-tuned on the improved new system.
int23 Our testbenche itself is made as such that also the smaller engines fit on it, to test and adjust. In this case a CR 80. The table on the left side of this picture is used for testing ad preparing Go-Kart engines.
testbank-KX85 Even the very small bikes are fitting on out testbenche. Here a KX65 (even the type with small wheels fit).
int25 A Yamaha YZ 125 ready for the test.