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With his slogan “only the best is good enough” Henk Jager started in the year 1981 a motorcycle shop in the municipal of Heerenveen under the name He-Ja Motors.

After working for twenty years in the Engineering-Division of the Dutch Two-Wheeler manufacturer Batavus in particular in the development and research came the big jump to an own company. Before that Hank was educated in the profession as toolmaker at the Philips Factories in Eindhoven.

Himself coming out of the sport, it was obvious that the Company of Henk in the beginning mainly concentrated on selling and preparing Motocross, Enduro and grass track motorcycles and engines.

Out of that came an own branch Motocross and grass trackbikes under the name of “He-ja SACHS”.

At first the engines build with the then extremely popular 50 cc later followed by the 125 Sachs. The engines were modified and tuned up in Heerenveen by He-Ja Tuning to an output of mere than 14 PS.

Henk Jager says: “At the Sachs factory in those days, we were always threaten fine, more or less due to the fact that all the engines build in the Batavus bikes were all supplied by Sachs. It was in the days that also my fellow countrieman Jan Witteveen (who is nowadays running the race teams of Aprilia) stepped around there as a trainee.”

“At the Sachs factory we had all coƶperation and support we needed, which meant we could use all facilities and by than, i had already a lot of acknowledge about the testbanks and with the engineers of the factory i did a lot of development work.” In those days riders using He-Ja engines gained dozens of championships.

We were also acting more as ten years long as the sole-importer for Holland from the British grass track and Speedway branch of GODDEN. It means that over those years we also gained a lot of experience in four stroke tuning.

Meanwhile He-Ja Motors is sold and Henk Jager decided not to lean back but to keep on going and in the spring of 1999 he opened his new premises in the Motor town of Assen with an entirely new company called He-Ja Motortechnics where the main business is working on Motorsport engines. Therefore after years Henk is back on his roots with which everything started in Heerenveen.