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First of all, we give you an overview of the machinery we have in our fully equipped workshop.

  • Toolmakers milling machine (Holke F10)
  • Latte bench type TDC 750 mm x ch.  150 mm (Harrison 280 CNC)
  • Mini Latte bench (Emco Compact 8)
  • Horizontal grinding machine (Delta)
  • Valve seat Milling Machine (Mira)
  • Cylinder drilling machines 35/125 mm (SPS)
  • Cylinder honing machine (Sunnen 625D)
  • Hand Milling Machines (Kurval hang 2X)
  • Flow bank for cylinders and cylinderheads (Eneska 3 Superflow SF60 with own Programma for Two-Stroke engines. Superflow CycleDyne SF230 with Whirlwind brake)
  • Motor Test bench max. 500 Bhp.
  • Weldingequipement (Argon Arc en MIG/MAG)
  • Sand/grit blasting-Cabin
  • White Power reparation and maintenance equipment and nitrogen refuelling equipment for all type of shock absorbers + front forks
  • Presses in 15 and 25 ton for crankshaft revision of two and four stroke engines

What we can make appears from the machines and what we can do with it is something we are going to explain to you here. The work consists beside several revision of two and Four-stroke engines, for a large part in the fine-Tuning of racing machines in which we have more than 40 years experience.

At the set-up for this unique shop, we were lead by thoughts, that everything must and should be taken care of in our own house so that we can carry out practically all what’s necessary tuning and modifying engines. It means that after an engine is modified it can be built into the frame and put on our test-bench, thereby to be tested on the racing circumstances.

hotnews2 (2)To avoid miscalculations, blowers are build in, who blow on the front of the engine and which airspeed are congruent to normal speed of the motorcycle, this is for sure very important for engines who are working with a pressure by means of air filter and carburettor/fuel injection.

The expression Tuning, to us is understood the adaptations from the air filter to the rear end of the exhaust. It is thereby very important that by means of the Flow-bench all necessary parts are correctly flowed and adapted. To acquire that we are measuring on 48 different positions the Flow by a two-stroke engine from the carburettor into the transfer ports.

We make also make many measuring especially at the intake and in the Reed Valve sector, with and without the carburettor. All this results at present are now giving us an advantage of up to 40 Bhp and a Torque of more than 23 nm at for example the CR125, but also for the RM’s and the YZ’s we have boost a lot of power.

For a Honda CR 125 we find at the present 4-5 Bhp, and 4 nm more torque than the standard bike. Especially the latter is very important which becomes a fact as you look at the results of our riders.

Another interesting development is the Tuning of the lighter engines, such as the 65 cc crossers of KTM, Kawasaki, Honda, Suzuki and Yamaha. By means of our 50 cc experiment we obtain very good results here. A good example is our Kawasaki KX65 with 17.0 Bhp and a torque of more than 10% higher than standard.

The test data from the SUPERFLOW CYCLDYNE test-bench reflect this way a very natural situation and by means of very severe adjusting among other things all data is excellent and differentiated well reflected.

Of course beside our Tuning work we do supply also the special components necessary, because to make everything our self does not work, we like to say that is useless to invent the wheels twice. We are CONCESSIONNAIRE of a large assortment special component for sport and race engines such as:

  • JD programmable CDI ignition systems for two and four stroke engines
  • Factory set-up kits for street bikes with adjusting on the test bench
  • V.Force Racing  Read Valve systems with extra flow insite
  • Vortex programmable CDI for two and four stroke engines
  • Camshaft Manufactured by HE-JA/CSL for  four stroke engines
  • Motorminders. Counting your hours for all type’s of engines
  • Special racing parts

Also we deliver: