KTM Tips

A regulator stop for the acceleration pump of Keihin. Already longer in use at Yamaha but now also useful on KTM the tip of fourstroke-goeroe Brian Kinney who on the bikes of Yamaha’s Tim Ferry mounted this attachable stopper on the acceleration pump of the Keihin carburettor, which works damned good. Meer / More →

New Heavy Clutch set for Suzuki RM85

Whenever we at He-Ja Motortechnics tune-up the Suzuki RM85 to give it more torque and top end, we normally run into problems later with the clutch slipping trough. It occurs that the normal package can not handle the improved capacity (27 brake horse power on a accelaration-test). Among other this Meer / More →

Yamaha exhaust height valve problem

Enclosed a photograph, where we show you how we make the tension of the torsion spring stronger which is controlling the axle of the exhaust valve. What happens, The, exhaust altitude valve of the Yamaha YZ 125-05 rattle in some cases resulting in quick wearing of the whole thing, followed Meer / More →

When at He-Ja Motortechnics we get the small KTM 85cc in our hands, right away in the beginning we run into problems, were it concerns the crankshaft, which is not produced in the standard we would like it to be. What is the problem? In the new models of the Meer / More →

Small Yamaha problem

Herby a picture from a crankshaft of the Yamaha YZ125 from 2005, after being modified on the rotating machine. After this modification we take it that we have left and right obtain the most equal weight on both sites to avoid vibrations (which means losses). Also we have modified the Meer / More →

Yamaha Flyer

At the left a picture from a He-Ja Piston from the Yamaha YZ125 from 2005, which we have prepared, and by now has run more than 10 hours. Look very careful at the beautiful size of the combustion on the piston. We have mounted a 490 main jet in the Meer / More →