New Heavy Clutch set for Suzuki RM85

kopp (1)Whenever we at He-Ja Motortechnics tune-up the Suzuki RM85 to give it more torque and top end, we normally run into problems later with the clutch slipping trough.

It occurs that the normal package can not handle the improved capacity (27 brake horse power on a accelaration-test).

Among other this came known to us after tuning bikes for riders like the Dutch ace Lars Oldekamp.

After this problems came to the light, we modified the whole thing in a proper way and succeed in manufacturing together the solution, by the use of 6 friction plates with 5 steel plates.

The entire unit can be fitted in every modern 85cc Suzuki with the use of a new inner house and press-plate. The existing clutch-springs can be used without any problems.

The old parts can (if in a good condition) be exchanged apart from the friction plates.