Yamaha YZ125 big-end cups fall out

hejati1The two shove’s which are mounted in the Big-end pen of a YZ125 can come out, when the Crankshaft needs to be worked on or modified. A small knock on the site of the pen, can already lead to the fact mentioned.

It can best be tested on a stabile underground, when after a small tic, they come loose and drop out.

When this happens in a running engine the damage is not to be overlooked, (that we have already experienced a couple of times). Also in the year models 2001/02 this problem came forward.

According to Henk Jager the shoves can better be taken out, because as a result of that, the crankcase gets more volume, when it becomes a bit larger, and that is exact what the new 2005 Yamaha 125cc urgently needs.