Yamaha YZ125 Clutch problem

14-10-yamaha-koppelingstuk 14-10-yamaha-koppelingnietstukDear YZ 125 riders; just pay attention. For each race, we think it is useful that you check the clutch.

What happens is that during the last weeks we already on three occasions find, when repairing a YZ125 of 2005 that the clutch was broken down in peaces.

In their fight to make the engine of the YZ125 as light as possible, we figure that the Yamaha factory has gone just a bit to far, by grinding away 1.5 millimetres from the inside of the clutch housing. On the picture you see left the clutch house, and right the broken part.

If one does not discover this swiftly, it can cost a lot of damage in your engine.

A good alternative is a clutch housing from Prox, which has the order number 17-2295 and is stronger and simple to fit in.