125cc class He-Ja riders

Picture on the right is Austrian Stefan Lichtenberger. 2010 Champion in Austria in the 125 cc roadraces using a He-Ja kit type “B”.

Picture on the left is Mr Jerry Dennis (He-Ja Technics Importer) with Peter Galvin’s machine. Dennis is a Top Class 2 stroke specialist with 20 years international experience. Jerry has worked with many champions in both 125 and 250 cc class.

Second picture from the left is Peter Galvin in race leathers. Australian 125cc  National champion. Participated in 125 GP’s in 1991/92. Has 6 National Titles to his name. Currently using a He-Ja Kit type “A”.

Second picture from the right shows Peter Galvin racing the He-Ja Honda 125 to the national title in the Australian 125cc championship.

Apart from these riders: John Schneider Jr managed 3rd spot in the Australian 125cc Championship using a He-Ja kit type “A”. This machine is also prepared and maintained by Jerry Dennis.