After many requests we decided to make a kit fitting Honda RS125 carters especially for countries where racing with AVGAS is allowed. This was possible as a result of the experience and numerous tests done in New Zealand and Australia. The results are impressive (see the AVGAS “B” kit graph). It shows a step test from 9K to 13K rpm in 5th gear.

With higher compression ratios possible with AVGAS, this results in increased power. A kit type”B” does not have an exhaust valve, so is relatively economical and simple. The existing JHA or the standard ignition can still be used.

Two different heads were made (volume). The difference shows in the graph “Head Test AVGAS”. The new kit can also be used with standard or race petrol. The supplied head will be one for the correct (lower) compression ratio.
To illustrate and give you some insight in our work methods the following pictures.

Note: These kits supplied on indent only, email for prices.