Yamaha YZ125 Clutch problem

Dear YZ 125 riders; just pay attention. For each race, we think it is useful that you check the clutch. What happens is that during the last weeks we already on three occasions find, when repairing a YZ125 of 2005 that the clutch was broken down in peaces. In their Meer / More →

Little Kawasaki problem

We became the information, that all of the current models of the Kawasaki KXf250 2006 in Germany are called back by the importer. All owners have meanwhile got a bulletin telling them they can get themselves in contact with there dealer for a new component; a bit of the slide Meer / More →


Enclosed a photograph of a RM85-07 with small wheels, of a customer, who’s  son is only 35 kilogram’s, and ordered us to reduced this bike to an useful altitude, for the driver. The buddy seat altitude by now is 80Cm. This has been reached in cooperation with HK Suspension. This Meer / More →

Solving Clutch problems

In the past we were asked to solve a lot of clutch problems, and in particularly this was for young riders first year out on a 250cc four stroke) Many of them were on Suzuki, but it also occurs on other branches. The main reason this happens is because the Meer / More →